A-Teck is your competent service partner for baggage related terminal services for airports, seaports and train stations. Finding the solution for your challenges is our profession.


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Wrap-Teck Koffer
Wrap-Teck Koffer Wrap-Teck Koffer

One of our core strengths is our ability to manage a smooth wrapping service operation taking all relevant aspects into consideration. Understanding passenger flows and develop operational plans accordingly is our focal business.

Our operational goal is to ensure that every passenger is able to access our wrapping stations as easy and convenient as possible and that they meet our staff assisting them with a smile.

With our many years of experience we have put systems in place to monitor all aspects of our operation, including usage, equipment status, customer service and of course, money handling.

The service related to the protection and security of baggage is one that is increasingly appreciated and important, reducing the fear of theft, or of damage.

This semi-automatic machine with rotating table is custom- made for wrapping baggage, suitcases and boxes with stretching film and can be moved within the airport facility easily due to its wheel-system.

The machine wraps the baggage with three cycles:

  • only one way
  • airtight wrapping
  • demo cycle.

Our decennial experience in the production of the baggage wrapping machines allows us to develop several types for any price and need.

Lost Property

Lost Property
Lost Property
Lost Property

Lost Items are kept for a limited time period according to local laws.

During this time period passengers who lost items can search online for it, contact us via phone or visit our lost property office.

Found items can be either sent or picked up by the owner, after paying an administration fee.

The A-Teck system

  • reduces personnel
  • reduces cost
  • offers an effective search tool which can be accessed via internet
  • minimizes misuse
  • increases passenger satisfaction
  • safes passengers time
  • increases repatriation rates


Trolley-Teck Trolley
Trolley-Teck Detail
Trolley-Teck Totale

With A-Teck you decide for a competent Mangement Team, that has many years of experience in the field of Trolley Management at Airports.

We set up a complete service mangement solution for your airport and stand for a well organized and passionate solution with our complete trolley team. Our Management organises the service at your location convenient and as a turn-key solution for you. We calculate the efficient schedule and work with fully flexible schedules to meet the need.

Service Training

Our dedicated and well trained staff is our key to success. We take serious care of our training system for all our employees in order to meet our high quality standards.

In all training courses customer care forms are an important part of the curriculum. While A-Teck has its own guidelines concerning code of conduct, uniforms and grooming, it will develop a customer service attitude that complies with your Airport directives and the given service philosophy.

A-Teck recognizes that all employees will represent your Airport not only to its passengers, but to other companies, vendors or authorities. Therefore, the importance of customer service training is an integral part of the conduct and appearance of all staff. Using our management knowledge, our staff and our outstanding equipment.
➤ A-Teck makes the difference!

Our products

A service provider on the move: Wanzl's elegant luggage trolleys transport suitcases and other luggage at airports, railway stations, hotels and clinics – for individual or group travellers. Wanzl has even thought about those small purchases as well as complete trolley management.

They just keep on rolling: Wanzl trolleys are designed for the long haul. Always unique in terms of quality, technology, functionality, ergonomics and design – Wanzl trolleys operate continuously without fault to offer customers the highest quality service. This is ensured by the maintenance-free, genuine Wanzl castors. Wanzl is always committed to customer service. And that's a promise!



Where can you put your baggage belongings while dining, shopping or eventually even travelling?

A-Teck offers solutions customers to store their belongings. Items in different sizes can be stored and picked up at the customers convenience.

Our dedicated and well trained staff will assist you to find the right solution for your item. We create an A-Teck Service Station at your location – a service point to generate additional concession income - for you.



KEEP-it serves passengers who are forced to dispose of prohibited items at security control due to security regulations.

With KEEP-it the passenger gets the choice whether the item is thrown away or send back to him later on.

For the service the passenger simply puts his prohibited item in a KEEP-it bag into the KEEP-it box at security control and takes a piece with his individual tracking code. That‘s it.

Decide at home: To retrieve the item back the passenger then uses the internet to take all necessary actions e.g. decide on the destination address, mail-order option or payment method.



Locker-Teck is our state-of-the art and secure locker system. Several lockers with different sizes each can be connected to an electronic paypoint.

Locker-Teck was designed to solve the situation at Airports, Train stations and other locations with a large passenger volume for depositing handluggage and belongins of passengers in general.

It is completely different to conventional lockers: it is a key-les system for opening the lockers – with a central pay-solution for a number of lockers around.

One of the main advantages of our electronic locker system is our ability to adapt our software to your special requirements – as individual as possible.

And in case the system you require needs even more security, we can integrate video surveillance that also records all events visually. Of course we continue to make improvements and to implement further options. Thus, locker systems will soon be available with biometric capability.

Our products

A service provider on the move: Locktec efficient solution for lockers at different locations.

LockTec can offer the right lockers for almost any application. Starting from the simple mechanical locker up to the latest state-of-the-art and nationally networked electronic system, you will find it at LockTec!


Porter-Teck Trolley
Porter-Teck Trolley Porter-Teck Trolley

We offer a Porter-Teck service for your Airport that eases up passenger life!

Porters can be booked and even pre-booked by passengers in order to take care of the passengers baggage (no matter what size and no matter how many items). The client can use his time with more enjoyable things at your Airport. Our porters relax your passengers and a touch of „easy travelling“ stays as a memory thinking of your location.

The main features of our service are:

  • Easy Pre-booking
  • Check-in assistance
  • Pick-up service (e.g. curb side, gate or baggage claim)
  • Passenger orientation systems
  • Easy payment with cash, credit card, vouchers or by invoice

Our products

A service provider on the move: Wanzl's elegant porter trolleys transport suitcases and other luggage at airports, railway stations, hotels and clinics – for individual or group travellers.



Our service Weigh-Teck operates with a coin operated scale to weigh baggage.

With low-cost airlines, passengers are very much interested in knowing the weight of their baggage before check-in, to make sure not to incur in excess baggage penalties. This heavy duty coin-operated baggage scale has been designed for this purpose. It is possible to program it to allow customers to weigh 1 piece of baggage or to weigh as many pieces of baggage they want within a programmable amount of time.

Our service associates at site will monitor the operation of the scale and take care of all relevant services / handling cash etc.

Technical Specifications

  • Made of Steel, no plastic.
  • Designed to weigh heavy people
  • Weighing range: 0.5 to 180 Kg in 100 g steps (or up to 400 Lb in 4 Oz steps)
  • Can be set to weigh once or for an amount of seconds (up to 90 seconds)
  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy to calibrate
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